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“You wouldn’t think that one or two people who break in could go in and undermine a search engine,” said Bryan Seely, a security researcher who has discovered flaws in Google Maps and LinkedIn. “There’s no way it should have been that simple. I can’t imagine how many problems would have had to exist for them to be able to do that.”.

canada goose outlet sale The classic Beano comics now worth over 20,000 is there a fortune hidden in your loft?Nostalgic investors are paying huge sums for editions dating back to 1938 here’s how to tell if your copy is worth a mint12:48, 3 OCT 2016Updated14:19, 3 OCT 2016The latest reinvention of The Beano shows its remarkable ability to survive with the times The first edition of the classic comic, which launched back in 1938 and came complete with a ‘free gift’, is expected to be the most valuable Beano in existence and can fetch in thousands but there’s only 20 left in the world.At first launch, an copy of Beano, which featured cartoon characters such as ostrich Big Eggo and Lord Snooty and His Pals, could be picked up for just a twopence that’s less than 1p today however just last year, one collector sold his 28 page edition for an astonishing at auction and the value is only going up.At the time, Malcolm Phillips, of London based Comic Book Auctions, said: “We guessed the price might go over the pre sale estimate of because of the sheer amount of interest we had before the sale, but we never expected it to be three times that much.”The Beano has a place in every comic book collector’s cheap canada goose canada goose outlet heart as it was the most popular comic book in the country. This piece is the number one trophy item.”8 types of old toy that could now be worth a fortuneThe first Beano issue, complete with a free ‘whoopee mask’ of which only one has ever been discovered sold for in 1999 today this might sell for Dundee based DC Thomson was also publisher of 1950s sister comic The Dandy, which after selling two million copies a week at its peak, ceased circulation on December 2012 with its 75th anniversary edition.Known as the second highest price ever paid for a British comic, an original copy of The Dandy with its free whistle gift, sold for a huge in 2004.When it comes to valuing your Beano edition, experts at Comic Price Guide explain: “Only a handful of 1’s are known to exist and so are very hard to price guide.”Each time one surfaces, maybe it will impact on the value and cause a decrease. Or there could be a clutch of people out there wanting to own a number one issue and willing to spend money.”Collector Phil Shrimpton, 35, from Seaford in East Sussex, owns a canada goose outlet copy of every Beano published from 1938 right up to 1988.Speaking to MailOnline, he explained: “I loved reading The Beano as a child and as I got older I was bitten by the collecting bug, picking up old issues at car boot sales and charity shops. canada goose outlet sale

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